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Cliche – laden tripe from Garton

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Cliche – laden tripe from Garton
University of Sydney provost Stephen Garton 'Gag orders defy purpose' 10/1 – may not realize that his four and twenty cliches diminish his yearning for research funds and manifestly threaten basic human rights via the outrageous humbug he also threatens.
Sadly  Garton rambles about ‘’testing hypotheses / critical analysis / advancing - existing knowledge / free and open debate – so long as the holidaying Vice Chancellor Spence will be allowed to continue to not allow a Jew to partake of a fellowship sponsored by the family of the late much loved Sir Zelman Cowen! Plainly a Jew. The Fellowship is under the auspices of a Jewess!
Did they ask the family of Sir Zelman Cowen? Of course not – unilateral, immoral action trumps all.
Those with even elemental understanding of this pathetic quasi – illegal BDS against Jews appreciate that Lynch was granted permission by the Vice Chancellor Stuart Spence to ban Dan Avnon! Simultaneously Spence has claimed to not support the BDS – but has plainly done so in his many comments.
‘’AN Israeli academic who set up one of the few centres where Jews and Arabs study together says he felt like "a fish on a hook" when he was boycotted by the University of Sydney's Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies.
Dan Avnon says he still hopes to study in Australia and has been overwhelmed by public and academic support after Jake Lynch, director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, rejected his request to be a contact person on an application for the Sir Zelman Cowen Fellowship application.’’
  • The explicit outrage in claiming virtue via the ‘’invitation to Avnon to visit the House of BDS that ban him is too pathetic for civil discussion.
  • Worse - the need to go back to 1899 to seek an analogous defence is manipulative and risible.
  • Labelling ‘theirs’ under the aegis of ‘’unpopular opinions’’ is self parody - plainly humiliating himself in a democracy. By implication he is morally upstanding in spite of the majority he lambasts!
  • This is where totalitarianism resides.
Sydney University vice-chancellor Michael Spence has backed Professor Lynch's right to support the BDS campaign and told The Australian that while the university "does not consider BDS policy appropriate", he would not take action against him
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