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Silly season in tennis and human rights

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Subject: Silly season in tennis and human rights

Silly season in tennis and human rights
It must be the silly season if a human rights editor writes in The Australian about the arcane game of tennis being about ‘’ruthlessly destroying your opponent’’. How incompatible with so - called human rights.
Ball can only be in the winner's court 15/1
Plainly author Erin Handley seemingly  ignores his leftist sentiments in his boring – nay moribund quasi [infantile] – analysis.
  • Understand that tennis rules allow injury breaks when players loosing can ask for a nice massage under the aegis of ‘injury break’.
  • Similar scenario to medical break: any medical problem will do – recovery from attempted ‘’destruction’’ is guaranteed under the rules, vitiating said ‘’destruction’’ attempt.
  • How about ‘off – court medical time out’? This usually applies to the girl player - people who may be given a massage that would not be publically deemed elegant.
  • Or ordinary injury break for the guys mainly.
  • Last night at the very beginning of his match Tomic asked for an armada of trainers: eventually they all walked off – leaving Nadal wondering what he had done.
  • Why, a female player Shedova  was allowed to recover from heat stress and her opponent was not so treated by  being allowed to lie prostrate on the ground. ‘’Destruction’'?
  • All this was deemed OK by commentator Bruce_McAvaney : ''Now we all have to wait including Nadal.'' I wonder how the attempting ‘destructor’ felt about it?
Understand that the basic elements of sport is to beat your opponent - possibly by exhausting him / her. Or making them unable to continue to perform at the previous standard. Plainly basic common sense will ensure that a player will take advantage.
Indeed I wonder why we have not had both players being attended to by an army of masseurs or medicos. That would be high farce.
Thus the asinine leftist tennis rule makers do everything to ensure a player can upset this system by giving the beaten player a second chance! 

But there are more inanities in tennis.
  1. Uncontrolled screaming by players [Sharapova chief villain] designed to thwart the opponent and all annoy all spectators. They could make a rule...
  2. The absurd wet – bulb temperature measurement which strains credulity. Plainly the rules are so silly that amazingly no one has bothered to impeach it. A few years ago many fit players collapsed yet the rules forbade using the air conditioners in situ. All because of some rule about a ‘’open’’ tournament, which I guess would be ignored if a near – tragedy occurred!
  3. Tennis players like Sharapova tossing the ball so high as to create problems for herself: she has always had trouble with her ball toss: never learns.
Today will be another very hot day: will they ever learn?
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