Friday, 3 January 2014

Response from Department of the Environment re BOM prev item

From: CIU Mail
Sent: Friday, January 03, 2014 3:15 PM
To: g87
Subject: RE: Bureau Of Meterology [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Dear Mr Seidner

Thank you for contacting the Department of the Environment.

Your email has been forwarded to the Bureau of Meteorology for appropriate action.



Community Information Unit
Department of the Environment

From: g87 []
Sent: Friday, 3 January 2014 2:39 PM
To: CIU Mail
Cc: bolt a;;; hinch d;; the punch
Subject: RE: Bureau Of Meterology

Hello Di
Thanks for helpful information and passing on to the BOM my question/s.
The BOM seemed short – tempered – they refused to give me a direct email address – trying to force me into the convolutions of communicating with them on – line.

Thank you for passing this email on to them. AND TO THE ABC AS WELL!

Kindly note that I need them to inform me how they could possibly make this claim:

''DAVID JONES: Look, the primary factor in the warming is global warming, and so the enhanced

greenhouse effect. You know, we've known about this effect for well over a century, and, you know, the

predictions that were made all those decades ago are now being borne out.''

David Jones is the manager of BOM – he may be able to provide proof of other matters claimed on their site and as per AM programme  this morning.

I find these absurd distortions and exaggerations re  CC [Climate Change which has always ‘changed’] incompatible with the truth.

It is not intended that I go into a prolix claims of BOM : it would take too long.

It is merely deemed adequate for David Jones to show evidence of the BOM knowing this scam /0.2c ?? temperatures or extreme weather events or greenhouse effect or El Nino / La Nina...100 0r more years ago!

Please ensure that Mr Jones advises how they measure temperatures and extreme events. It would be nice to have a response considering what has been in The Oz the last few days – espec today.

Any comments on the ice farce A LA  the AAT ship of fools?

Will the BOM again rename it all as something like Proletarian Temperatures? PT – sounds cute, non?


Thank you
Geoff Seidner
East St Kilda
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