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From: g87
Sent: Friday, January 03, 2014 2:39 PM
Subject: RE: Bureau Of Meterology

Hello Di
Thanks for helpful information and passing on to the BOM my question/s.
The BOM seemed short – tempered – they refused to give me a direct email address – trying to force me into the convolutions of communicating with them on – line.
Thank you for passing this email on to them. AND TO THE ABC AS WELL!
Kindly note that I need them to inform me how they could possibly make this claim:
''DAVID JONES: Look, the primary factor in the 

warming is global warming, and so the enhanced
greenhouse effect. You know, we've known about

 this effect for well over a century, and, you know,

 the  predictions that were made all those decades 

ago are now being borne out.''
David Jones is the manager of BOM – he may be able to provide proof of other matters claimed on their site and as per AM programme  this morning.
I find these absurd distortions and exaggerations re  CC [Climate Change which has always ‘changed’] incompatible with the truth.
It is not intended that I go into a prolix claims of BOM : it would take too long.
It is merely deemed adequate for David Jones to show evidence of the BOM knowing this scam /0.2c ?? temperatures or extreme weather events or greenhouse effect or El Nino / La Nina...100 0r more years ago!
Please ensure that Mr Jones advises how they measure temperatures and extreme events. It would be nice to have a response considering what has been in The Oz the last few days – espec today.
Any comments on the ice farce A LA  the AAT ship of fools?
Will the BOM again rename it all as something like Proletarian Temperatures? PT – sounds cute, non?

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    Thank you
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