Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Balmain basket weaver and Bob Carr


 From: g87
Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2014 1:42 PM
Subject: The Balmain basket weaver and Bob Carr
Only a Balmain basket weaver and Palestinian activist could so gainlessly claim for Bob Carr multiple disingenuous merit in  mutually -  exclusive scenarios.
Letters 12/4.
  • ‘’A liberal Israeli human rights view’’
  • And ‘’ pro-Israel, pro-Palestine, pro-peace view’’ –
  • And then haplessly, nay hopelessly claim utopia via the ‘’end of settlement expansion, the end of occupation’’,
  • And ‘’a viable resolution that allows for Palestinians and Israelis to live as neighbours.’’
He plainly ignores a non – people stealing Palestine as a nomenclature. They who plainly have had no other goal since the dawn of their terrorist origins other than unsuccessfully trying to destroy the only democracy in the Middle East. And not even bothering to deny it.
Maybe Mr Mills thought no one will check his unilateral, dystopian Palestinian rewriting of history of the world which Carr obviously shares.
How uncute was  his outrageous, asinine 2013 Israel - boycott attempt in lecturing Australia post re postal matters.
He has form and no shame: no other nation would allow perennial losers to gain launching ground for avowing murder by the plaintive pleading through useful idiots like him.
Geoff Seidner
East St Kilda 3183

Diary reaction puts our sense of humour in danger

BOB Carr has done a great service to our country and to the Middle East through his diary and his time as foreign minister. Carr has championed a liberal Israeli human-rights view — albeit a minority view in Israel today — and courageously criticised factions who seek to justify the greater Israel settlement and expansionist view such as promoted by various sections of mainstream Israeli politics, and its Australian supporters.
Carr supports the right of pro-Israel lobbyists to push their perspective. However, Carr’s point is that the pro-Israel perspective being most forcefully pushed is unhealthy and contrary to a pro-Israel, pro-Palestine, pro-peace view that ensures the end of settlement expansion, the end of occupation, and a viable resolution that allows for Palestinians and Israelis to live as neighbours.
Stewart Mills, Balmain, NSW

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