Monday, 7 April 2014

Who gave union leaders the right to donate what was left over after said fraud to the Labor Party?

 How disingenuous of the Labor entities.
This morning Monday 7/4 Bob Carr proudly recapitulated on ABC radio AM how ‘wonderful’ was Labor policy on everything under his guidance.
We all recognize how Tony Abbott and Julia Bishop stand up for Israel: contra what his Bobness Carr did regularly.
Then we have in other realms the lame leader Bill Shorten to the mega – socialist Doug Cameron to Bob Hawke – and seemingly all organs, appendages and the hard – headed instruments of the left: they all now belatedly agree that socialist policy does not work.
Gee – Lenin could have told them that – AKA his outrageous useful idiots comment.
It took the disaster of the WA Senate election replay for the social – justice entities to realize they ‘’have to distance themselves from the unions’’.
Yet they cannot and will not actually do this as the ABC organ The Drum even now opines: Unionists must have a voice under Labor reforms - The Drum ... - Abc
  • Does anyone expect Labor to refuse union donations in the future?
  • Will any union member demand that their usurious union fees be dramatically reduced?
  • Plainly union fees must innately be usirius. Indeed – who gave union leaders the right to donate what was left over after said fraud to the Labor Party?
  • Will these members – ripped off by multiple frauds of some of their leaders, simply resign in outrage?
Who amongst the so – called workers party will stand up and shout what is obvious to 53% of the population: that in any rational debate by  socialists – AKA Communists by another name –all they espouse is a provable chimera?
Who cares to contemplate so – called ‘Labor Values’, the darkness  on the hill or the differences in what they practice at universities, union workshops and at various rallies?
The moribund left are catatonic when it comes to original or merely rational ideas. Even the term ‘economic rationalism was somehow perverted / inverted by them.
At least they have given up their cri de coeur of yesteryear: ‘This is a nuclear – free zone’ – belatedly realizing that the Russian pilots could not read them! Progress?
Guess what lunacies they replaced it with? Climate lunacy!
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  1. 1.
    not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.
    "this journalist was being somewhat disingenuous as well as cynical"

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