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The reader is cautioned to note that this has much serious, accurate material herein; and part parodic.


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I note that Peter Leahy has written a letter to  The Australian's editor on August 12 claiming to be misquoted by The Oz via the headline on page 1 yesterday or the day before.

The fear of becoming a potential target is writ large  in the letter to editor written by Leahy.
I postulate that even the common garden - variety terrorists /  Islamists will be chiding the ISIS beheaders:
These secret comments have just surfaced.

'Why do this now? We are now in damage control in that our Salami - tactics contra - indicate such blatant show - off beheadings. Now?  We had scheduled the 'children glowing in our nether world of beheadings' well after assassinating world leaders. Next year, after we establish the Caliphate in Europe.


Hezbollah, Hamas Condemn Beheading - Washington Post

www.washingtonpost.com › World › Latest Wires

Sadly we had to get Hezbulah and Hamas to formally declare you and your actions  non grata. That was difficult: it surely, probably momentarily left Hamas looking defensive.'
But make no mistake - this will be  a propaganda winner eventually.
Kayser the Traduced one - he of the self - claimed Australian  Islamist Friendless Society - was very concerned that anything he claimed about that defamation court case he lost would now look silly.

And Joe Hockey - he is that useless, silenced co -  foundation member of The Parliamentary Friends Of Palestine, is considering disbanding the group. Albo the co - founder will not let him of course.

Think, you imbeciles what you have done to the ABC agenda: you have labelled them forever in the minds of the public. Whatever they report - the Jews and THAT rogue country of the Jews will win. And Hamas will lose funding for sure: Reverend Timothy Costello's World Vision will no longer be able to so openly aid Activist groups. Shurat HaDin will feel empowered.
Have you guys thought about the headlines in The Australian over the past few days?  Rupert Murdowski, Clyde, Kerry and  James Packer will be dominated by
Jews for the forseeable future.
The readership of our favourite site Cospiracies of Islam with thousands of entries are now being far too careful.

Cognate Socialist Dystopia: Muslim Conspiracy Theories

But we do have great friends who do whatever they can.
Pathetically the Jews  claim Jon Fain's programme is discordant waffle.....via his radio show on  ABC. radio.
You should have heard him this past week or so. Especially today.
Get this: His real name is Jirmiyahu Feinstein.
JF  started this morning with defacto mothethood and continued about a  software engineer, cars and what else!  A wonderful hero of Social Twirpery. His facebook page is almost as popular ad my Socialist Dystopia blog.

Geoff Seidner
to be continued and possibly edited to advantage

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