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From: g87
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 11:24 AM
Subject: THE BIB AND BUB SHOW ON Paul Murray LIVE last night

THE BIB AND BUB SHOW ON Paul Murray LIVE last night...29/7/14 9 25 pm approx.
Hey – what on earth happened to you two last night on the PAUL MURRAY SHOW?
There was a relatively harmless clip of Kerry – the pair of you took turns to lacerate Israel in an obscene way!
I am asking you to send me a transcript and audio or video or podcast: because you both took turns to make comments that so far I have heard only from avowed enemies of Israel!
I guess you both still claim that your best friends are Jewish...or at least some of them?
Here is  merely some of my  recollections.
Derryn Hinch:
‘’Both sides want war.
Israel has been [this way] since the Right assasinated Rabin’’!!
PM agreed... and made his own comments.
But not that lovely lass SHARRI!! Who disagreed!!
Note that the Kerry clip was essentially harmless – he being one of Obama’s most outrageous lieutenants!
I send a link which may enable you to see what Kerry and Obama have done over the years!
SO – are you both now entrenched in the realm  / camp of the terrorists?
Mind you – Neil Mitchell has changed for the better!
Yours Sincerely Geoff Seidner
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The below may enlighten you guys?

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