Friday, 8 August 2014

The military wing of the terrorists: ANSWER DEMANDED FROM ABC HQTRS

From: g87
Sent: Friday, August 08, 2014 3:08 PM
Subject: The military wing of the terrorists: ANSWER DEMANDED FROM ABC HQTRS

Dear Sir / Madam
I refer to the 2 pm news on ABC radio almost an hour ago.
The newsreader reader advised that:
‘’A spokesman for the military wing of Hamas has urged Palestinians not to accept the continuation / extension  of the period of peace / treaty?/....unless Israel; stops the blockade of Gaza’’
I request elucidation: given that the terrorists unilaterally shoot missiles at Israel with no consideration to their luvvie wing... see below.
  1. If you refer to the Military wing you must by implication infer there is a non – military wing.
  2. Explicate who / what /where are / is this non – military wing. Are these your designations? Or do Hamas so designate themselves?Are you not naive at best to accept this spin? Outrageous spin and mendacious evil?
  3. Are you not acting to ensure Israel comes out adversely as a result of said spin et al? Do your intellectuals regard Israel as a bully an worse becuase not enough Jews have been killed!??
  4. They must exist outside of the fantacist ideas of the ABC? Are they  peace – seeking luvvies – wing  whom you so designate by logical corrollary?
  5. Are you inferring there is a revolution within Hamas? Between the luvvies and the military wing? The military ones won. seemingly!!
  6. Has the ABC taken on BOTH OF  the nomenclatures of military and luvvies wings? How so? Who gave you licence to play in this serious playpen? Even if what you do is infantile – or imbecilic and anywhere in between
  7. If yes – how dare the ABC take responsibility for effectively white -  washing by implication an organization that is world – wide accepted as a terrorist organization!!??
  8. Do you know better? Why – even your buddies accept Hamas for what they are,
  9. Are you taking liberties in allowing their luvvie - wing to so designate themselves?If no – how dare the ABC play along with Hamas allowing this pathetic duplicituous LABELLING terrorists as having luvvies and militarists?
  10. I know all about the ABC’s fetish for not labelling people – notably refusing via this contrived artifice ...designating terrorists as terrorists. THIS IS YOUR Spade – refusal – SPADE syndrome. It is responsible for the greatest duplicity of modern times whereby you have reconfigured the language of terror via euphemisms by the dozen. Militants is merely the most obvious.
  11. Are the abc entities suggesting that they have a role in creation of our foreign policy? Otherwise why create or allow the promulgation of this evil?
  12. And to round up a dozen – I find the ABC policy on Israel disreputable tripe. I refer you to my current blog. Much recent material on Richardson et al applies to the ABC!
You are lucky I lost part of this in my cut and pasting..
Kindly answer: I demand with contemtuous disrespect an answer to earlier questions – as i will be formally complaining in a format of my choosing. And I want you to respond to the salience in these links: THEY ALL APPLY TO YOUR ABC!
  August (2)
Geoff Seidner
East St Kilda

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