Monday, 11 August 2014

Jewish Chick: Greatest letter in recent times`1

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 2 Where has the lamentable John Lyons gone? Has he been sacked? I have seen NOTHING from him for more than a          week!
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Subject: Jewish Chick: Greatest letter in recent times

Jewish Chick: Greatest letter in recent times
The Oz should be commended for publishing ‘This Jewish chick won’t be scared by anonymous cowards.’
One of the great letters of recent times. And there have been  great articles, letters and opinion pieces over the past weeks.
Sadly the derivated salami - tactics of anti semites have taken Jew hatred to levels not deemed believable – mere months ago!
If we are not aware of the dangers, they will be emboldened by the so – called left.
Vale Wayne Swan and his support for Mike Carlton. Who needs to contemplate the greens.....
There are many others on the left: anti semitism is essentially a product emanating from the left. Period.
Yea, they are encouraged by the ‘slice – by – slice’ variations of the nefarious BDS, conflated by the Gaza chimera of the cadres at universities and support for Nazi – like cartoons.
Vale Wayne Swan and his support for Mike Carlton.
When will attacks against Jewish businesses become commonplace?
Hey – what do I write here? Children in schools and personal safety are no longer assumed / sacrosanct: ‘it’ is already happening here and elsewhere.
What other warning signs do mainstream Aussies need?
Perhaps the most outrageous is that the cowards attacking children and these entities are allowed to feel secure by not being identified. Worse: this secrecy is deemed reasonable.
Whither art the protests for sanctions? Where were the parents? Who are the parents -  of some sort of famous families?
Beware ye voters when you empower leftist: avowed haters with a voice in parliament.
Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Gr
East St Kilda 3183
03 9525 9299


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