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Sad Really!
But it is my fault: I made his position impossible 
Geoff Seidner
There is an arguably brilliant essay hereunder as well.
It is far from complete - but it may be a great read irrespective

From: g87
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 4:52 PM
Subject: Mandela and TU TU WERE NOT CREDIBLE TOM E!!
  • Too bad this is unedited.
  • I would not impeach anything if I was you_ there is brilliant material here!
  • At 3 43 pm you said to an Israel hater who claimed that Israel was an apartheid state that ‘’ISRAEL IS NOT AS BAD’’ This fellow raised as many chimeras as he liked ... and so you answered that ISRAEL IS NOT PERFECT’’
  • Guess what?
  • This is as pathetic line – now Jews  need perfection in politics?
  • Who pn earth can say this rubbish is of course always right is a pathetic line to invariably diminish Israel and prove critical JEW haters right!!
  • And perfection is allowing all propagandist evil re settlements... allowing return of the Germans to Alsace and Lorraine,,, sarcasm here.. and the effective  destruction of Israel???
  • And NEVER FORCING THE REMOVAL OF MURDER FROM ALL THEIR CONSTITUTIONS... Oh those lovely holocaust denying Abbas PLO entities!!!
  • What was the dispute over Alsace Lorraine? - Yahoo Answers
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  • Alsace-Lorraine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    As Alsace and Moselle (northern Lorraine) were mostly inhabited by German ... away from the Rhine would give the Germans a strategic advantage over the .... used the inhabitants of Alsace-Lorraine as pawns in the growing conflict between ...
  • The dispute over Alsace and Lorraine -
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  • INDEED YOU SEEMED TO REALIZE THIS belatedly – when you said this in self criticism.
  • AND at 3 26 pm.... when you mentioned  non service in the army for ultra religious people – this too is a chimera tainted by plain absurdium and irrelevancy!
  • Oh – and you allow a free – for all for anti semites – and mere seconds for ME!!
  • OH – and that Jewess?

  • She mentioned that Israel allows Palestinians to study at Hebrew UNI?
  • OH – you were on HER SIDE TOO!
  • You are onm everyone’s side – depending on who calls you!!
  • And guess what – there is no answer to this!
  • Here is an un edited essay that fits for you! Below
  • WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP SAYING ISRAEL HAS A RIGHT TO DEFEND HERSELF ... this is a basic right not needed to be said!
  • Indeed a few years ago ISRAEL HAS A RIGHT TO EXIST was the moniker of the ignorant!!
  • Or wilfully ignorant!!
  • Geoff Seidner
  • Oh – one more thing.
  • I sent you info about the settlements
  • You plainly are only interested =in Israel haters propaganda because you did not read it!


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    Subject: Ver 1.1

    From: Geoff Seidner <>
    Date: Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 12:20 PM
    To: Geoff Seidner <>

    ''You cannot criticise Israel without being accused of
    anti semitism.''
    The above mealy - mouthed excuse for Jew hatred is often
    used by antagonists of Israel to outrageously diminish Jews' right to
    their homeland.
    Structurally the words may change; but essentially our enemies identify
    themselves via this pathetic contrived canard. It is about time
    that it was debunked and exposed for what it is: a chimera; a plain derivative of
    Jew hatred.
    Plain old antisemitism.
    Anti Zionism.
    Take your pick: it is a grave error to suggest there is a difference that matters.*2
    It is my understanding that it is theoretically; nay - ethereally possible for someone, somewhere, somehow - to claim that their so - called 'criticism' is  'genuine' one and somehow their humanrights are impinged in that this 'genuine,' good natured...ho hum..'criticism' is being vitiated somehow by them not being 'allowed' to promulgate same.
    'Naturally' these denizens or champions of the ethic of virtuous criticism   DCEV (oh, another avronym!) will have taken offence at being accused of AS
    So here is the first cinchanery.
    Merely by claiming that they, the poor dears are so  accused they think / try to   gain the upper hand AKA the mantle of victimhood by say, labelling.
    Oh shock horror..... quelle horreur! The left like throwing the label moniker
    around ..thanks to ABC

    There is no doubt that they ...... the latest incantation of anti semites who rail against the title , have not reached the depravity of Sydney university where in the annals or to use  a more genteel word devoid of connotations...corridors..of the playroom of the Peace and Conflated Studies....they espouse that AS is acceptable.....!
    I guess these mavens of boycotterie will eventually progress to the stage that they will be able with honour to the Nazis... stand for parliament on the ticket that Hitler did not murder enough Jews and they feel honour bound to do better!
    You see reader... this is not merer rhetorical exaggeration. We have in Oz already progressed to the utilitarian stage...see above... how far to the senate? for acceptability?
    Is it not sad I say that one has to resort to parody, sarcasm, rhetoric....... that these entities are not being deprived of human rights in ...via their pathetic claim in effect that Israel is defacto getting an easy ride... because this is what they are essentially claiming.
    At the same time asglibly outrageously using nazi moniker and demanding more!!!!!!
    Is this not obvious that they do not act in good faith?
    Let us askk these ignoble entities; exactly what dlse could...should  Israel encourage yo... no enablre you to so plainly venomously spout forth?
      Perhaps this is my real message in this essay

    [to be edited later
    This phrase is a relative recent inculcation in media  and is seemingly difficult to rebut
    because it is set up via  the not so obvious classical paradox.
    Criticism is reasonable
    Vitiating any criticism is unreasonable.
    Therefore criticism of Israel is reasonable.
    Thus any criticism of Israel  is extended given credibility / license!
    It plainly, indubitably follows on, non?
    It is a surprisingly how effective this ruse  has become - a non sequitur that hails
    from the dubious idea that an apple is a fruit, a pear is a fruit therefore a pear is
    an apple. 1
    My main concern is that reasonable people who rail against the obvious deceit
    implicit in the title of this essay do not know how to respond.
    Intelligent, brilliant aggression is the way to rebut it. This seems to be one one
    hand obvious and sadly misplaced on the basis that I am suggesting that they
    will listen to reason. Indeed inveterate haters will not.
    But that misses the point. Completely.
    It is a lot better to attack than what is often proffered by our people:
    Too often I hear the phrase 'that you can
    indeed criticise Israel but it has to be
    'reasonable' and she must not be held to a
    standard higher / not expected of other
    people / countries'. Sigh! A certain loser that
    by it's very nature almost encourages a distorting rejoinder.
    The above is sadly utterly inadequate simply because not
    only is it weak, but our antagonists gleefully ignore
    it. And Abuse it in the way they abuse all good - faith
    comments from reasonable people. Manifestly because
    it lends itself to innumerable distortions.
    It should not surprise that the case for Israel is lost
    via the inevitable rejoinder by those who brutalize the
    naive with innumerable tripe and deliberate lies.
    Indeed - it is easy to get around the 'standard
    response' because it lends itself to mealy - mouthed
    SO I VERILY SAY:  Impeach the integrity, motivations
    and modus vivendi of those who
    proffer the above plain nonsense.
    Challenge them to make single discrete claims
    without shifting ground when that claim is proven
    Put to them that the so - called 'criticism of Israel' is
    merely their modern - day derivated justification
    for their very being - Jew hatred.
    Challenge them:  so many excellent sources for
    proving that Jew Hatred /
    anti semitism / anti Zionism and  so - called
    criticism - of -  Israel are essentially the same.
    One needs merely to  read what the late,
    great Martin Luther King Jnr. espoused.

    Note that there are multiple sources for MLK associating anti - Zionism
    with AS: but classical distortion is manifest in claims that one of
    the sources may have been 'suspect.' There are adequate sources
    for his wonderful words. See links above.
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