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Subject: ABC - ABC selected links of 15 Nov 2012
Dear Mr Seidner
Thank you for your email regarding the ABC coverage on 15 November of events in Gaza.
Your concerns have been investigated by Audience and Consumer Affairs, a unit which is separate to and independent of program making areas within the ABC. We have reviewed the broadcast and assessed it against the ABC's editorial standards for impartiality.
The ABC's editorial requirement to achieve balance is outlined in the impartiality standards in section 4 of the ABC Code of Practice, which state;
4.2 Present a diversity of perspectives so that, over time, no significant strand of thought or belief within the community is knowingly excluded or disproportionately represented.
ABC TV news, and current affairs programs: 7.30 and Lateline, have covered this developing story in the Middle East from a diverse range of principal relevant perspectives, providing insights into both sides of the conflict. No one side has been unduly favoured over the other.
That coverage has included interviews with; Israeli government spokesman, Mark Regev; Yigan Palmor, Israeli Foreign Affairs spokesman; Palestinian lawyer and peace negotiator, Diana Buttu; Rami Khouri, American University of Beirut; Palestinian journalist, Mohammed Omer and Israel correspondent for The Economist, David Landau. Other perspectives presented in the coverage have included Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General; Ashraf Alkidreh, Hamas Health Ministery; Khalil Al Haya, Hamas Official; Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister; Hisham Kandil, Egyptian Prime Minister; Mohammed Kamel Amr, Egyptian Foreign Minister; Ehud Barak, Israeli Defence Minister; Ihab Al-Gussine, Hamas government spokesman; Micky Rosenfeld, Israeli police spokesman; Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State; Shimon Peres, Israeli President; Khaled Meshaal, Hamas Leader and a range of Israeli and Palestinian citizens describing the terror of the attacks on civilian populations.
You may care to access the 7.30 interview with Palestinian Lawyer, Diana Buutu, broadcast on Monday 19 November, which covered many of the points you have raised, a link follows:
The coverage has included the justifications of both sides for their actions, considerable detail on the level of death and destruction being suffered by both sides, as well as the diplomatic moves by a range of international leaders calling for an end to hostilities.
On review, we are satisfied that it was balanced and in keeping with the impartiality standards in section 4 of the ABC Code of Practice.
The ABC Code of Practice is available online at the attached link;
Should you be dissatisfied with this response to your complaint, you may be able to pursue the matter with the Australian Communications and Media Authority
It is not possible to include every detail about such a complex issue within the one broadcast. The ABC will continue to cover events in the Middle East on a newsworthy basis over time.
Yours sincerely
Kieran Doyle
Audience and Consumer Affairs
Dear Michael Danby
I formally request that you take this on and demand a responsible answer / apology from the management of the ABC
Geoff Seidner
East St Kida 3183
03 9 525 9299
ABC selected links of 15 Nov 2012
Is Iran close to getting the bomb and would Israel or the US be justified in launching a pre-emptive strike? Geoffrey Robertson discusses these questions and his new book, Mullahs Without Mercy.
Being of the left means never having to say 'sorry...
Maybe Jews should use peashooters in response to t...
I disrespectfully advise that whenever Israel gets 'sick - and - tired' of her citizenry being bombed - the ABC takes the side of the terrorists.
How wlong would it take the federal police or the Army to ACT against bombers?
Here are my claims.
1. All your organs have recently demonstrated that they are mere appendages for mass - murdering terrorists / propagandadists.
2. It is impossible to list or detail all of them - even though this latest attack on Israel is only days old. You guys are proud progenitors of the 'snow - job' technique of lies / big lies and mere anti Israel evil. You have all your organs / appendages designed to disable any complaints with disparate, disingenious waffle: all designed to break the heart of anyone with common decency - or any basic knowledge of history.
3. AND YOU HAVE NO SHAME! I RECALL THE 40th ANNIV OF THE 6 DAY WAR - ALL YOUR ORGANS / APPENDAGES DEPICTED ISRAEL AS HAVING BEEN THE EVIL AGGRESSOR! Do you want to look up TWT, AM PM 730 Report and Lateline?? You were pathetic then as now.
4. Indeed - I challenge you to show one item out of the hundred?? that was promulgated by the below entity that passes any historicity!!!
5. I have seen them all: the twaddle about 'balance over time' is merely one of your tools. You have tried to ignore my complaints - it has regularly taken three or more efforts to elicit your mealy - mouthed trite anti - semitic twaddle.
6. I know what you are going to do: you would under normal circumstances concentrate on all strategies to prove that criticism of Israel is not anti semitic!
7. But not only will I debunk this classical chimera if you try it. I will complain to the PM: demand that she holds your favourite plaything to be unacceptable. At any rate: if I will eventually find my AWARD - WINNING ESSAY TO DEBUNK YOUR HYPOTHETICAL NON - CREDIBLE essay on why it is inappropriate to use this tangent - a pathetic shibboleth of the ABC!!!! will wish you had not. So don't!
My primary complaint is the pathetic interview of the moribund, lame Emma Albirichi with this Professor RAMI KHOURI of Beirut university as below.
You know the Beirut University?
It is not amongst the world's top 1000 houses of learning.
Their courses on Jihad is popular only with Jihadists.
" It has hundreds of lies and distortions.
" He starts cautiously - then no lomger cares by the mid stages of the interview. A CLASSICAL TACTIC IN YOUR POST - MODERNIST TIMES.
" It is arguably the worst piece of unadulterated, disreputable lies that I have ever seen you guys do!
I warn you: your tactic of demanding that my complaint be in writing is an abysmal outrage - I refuse: so there!
G Seidner
Israel and Hamas militants continue bombardment
As hostilities between Israel and Hamas militants enters the sixth day, air strikes on Gaza have resulted in the deadliest day so far. At least 18 Palestinians were reportedly killed overnight with officials saying the death toll in Gaza since the conflict began has now reached more than 90.
Palestinian journalist Mohammed Omer interview
Interview with Mohammed Omer - a Palestinian journalist who's been in Gaza during the Israeli bombardment.
Rami Khouri Interview in Beirut
Interview with Rami Khouri from the American University of Beirut.
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