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Criticism of Collins' anti - Israel tripe is surely publishable!

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Subject: Version 2: Criticism of Collins' anti - Israel tripe is surely publishable!
Criticism of Collins' anti - Israel tripe is surely publishable!

Phillip Collins Peace is a Palestine free to prosper 26/11 is at best a simplistic abuse of the childish media manipulation tool otherwise known as the chicken / egg excuse.
In his trite ''playground game of "you started it; no, you started it", stretching all the way back to the Bible.'' – Collins hides and inverts his responsibility for this classical, internicine fraud!

The reality is that it is Israel's enemies like Collins abuse this infinitely re - usable Palestinian pap of claiming this eternal action / reaction / self defense against murderers of children. It is merely an excuse for claiming both sides have eternal claims to places, faults, morality or it’s inverse.
Indeed the terrorists are never held accountable for their murderous violence over decades.

They have two basic tactics:

  1. Rewriting of history. Also known as the Goebbels syndrome; yet Israel's enemies are never required to explicate their ahistorical claims. Mass - murdering inventors of terrorism are held to no standards of common decent behaviour by the luvvies of the left.
  2. Hamas hides behind children in sending their thousands of rockets on Jewish citizens. Indiscriminate attempts at mass – murder results in Israeli – caused tragedies even when Israel tries to respond in a humane way! [How many armies send warnings to enemy citizens? Yet the Jews are blamed for all horrors others effectively cause]
Thus the perennial continuum of the anomalous chicken / egg abomination.
Collins has no intention of understanding. Being of the left means he / they never apologize, never explain, always complain, never understand - and yet openly promulgate what remains unchallenged pap!
To him it is QPQ [quid pro quo] - and nothing penetrates his / their disingenuous, wilfully blind minds!

Palestinians have graduated from hijacking aircraft, the infitada and it's many incantations, invading and killing Jewish children in schools and suicide murderers in pizza parlours and much more! The ultimate sick nihilism!

After all children - they say, will grow up to be soldiers!

  • They do not even bother denying it all: the average persons attention span simply does not allow any complexity. It is much easier to accept the chicken / egg derivation / infantilisation of cause and effect!
  • The reality is that the so - called Palestinians and willfully blind media spinners and the multiple terrorist groups are threatening to rewrite history. If we let them.
  • Indeed - if need be - they go back to an ever - changing ahistorical chimeras. So long as there is never any accountability, Israel's multiple enemies constantly move the goalposts: say to 1967, 1948 or even their reconfiguring of the Balfour Declaration. Indeed they even reconfigure indisputable matters material, say their attempt to rename Jerusalem as Al Quds. In spite of the fact that Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran.

Thanks to compliant writers - they are never accountable - it takes too much effort for people like my person to right this abuse of history! And a reasonable version is never published in letter form: this will not be the exception!

Indeed anything will do so long as they keep moving the 'goalposts' - and never have to justify anything in hard facts. Indeed the average person will never understand – given their dubious attention span ensconced in social media trivialities.

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ensconcedpast participle, past tense of en·sconce

Establish or settle (someone) in a comfortable, safe, or secret place.
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Peace is a Palestine free to prosper

THERE are moments when the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians appears so intractable that it is tempting to call back Edward de Bono.

The lateral thinker suggested to the British Foreign Office in 1999 that the solution was obvious. Marmite. Unleavened bread contains no yeast, which means it provides no zinc, the absence of which tends to make men more belligerent. Marmite is rich in zinc and, well, you can see the historic enmity just dissolving, can't you?
The history of this conflict is an invitation to pessimism. It is hard to hear an official representative of either side without thinking better of his opponent. Images of child deaths are accompanied by a grown-up version of the playground game of "you started it; no, you started it", stretching all the way back to the Bible. There is no viable military victory to be won: until there are two negotiating parties genuinely committed to living together, the process is condemned to the depressing repetition of bomb, ceasefire, rocket-fire, war - even though the people on either side crave peace, It can seem hopeless, but in fact a counsel of despair, as well as being useless, is not appropriate. The seeds of change are visible in Gaza and the West Bank. Gradually, slowly, uncertainly, but surely the fortunes of Palestine will be changed by prosperity. The region, of course, is beset by recriminations about identity and status and no economic determinist can wish those arguments away

Tony Blair, special envoy for the Quartet of the UN, the US, the EU and Russia, is proving quietly to be part of the solution. The latest report on the work of the Office of the Quartet Representative is full of unglamorous progress that could, in time, transform the region.

The Blair team has been more successful in moving Israel than is commonly known. Something as simple as the installation of a cargo scanner at the Allenby crossing (over the Jordan into the West Bank) could increase trade volumes by 30 per cent and reduce shipping costs by the same amount. Israeli approval was recently secured for international investment in education, health and housing and, in February 2011, permits were issued for the construction of 21 schools and health clinics.

Infrastructure is getting better. The road out of Jericho into the Jordan Valley had been blocked for a decade. Now it is open. A big investment has diverted sewage from the dangerous Beit Lahia lake, which a few years ago flooded and caused the deaths of several Palestinians. The OQR has brought in $US44 million ($42m) from the European Investment Bank to upgrade the electrical transmission network in the West Bank. The next priority is a large desalination plant in the Gaza Strip which would provide Gaza with potable water. Less than 10 per cent of the water meets World Health Organisation guidelines. Work is also under way on a Palestinian gas field in the Mediterranean Sea.
The really potent accusation against Israel has nothing to do with retaliation - why should they put up with constant rocket fire? - nor that its response is disproportionate. It is that it does far too little to help the Palestinians to grow.
It is, of course, a lot to ask that Israel should provide economic succour to those whose leaders are firing rockets at its citizens, but it would be a clever strategy all the same. Israel's part in a revised peace process should include doing as much as it can to help Gaza and the West Bank towards sustainable growth.
It is obvious that the blockade of Gaza is, in this respect as in most others, counter-productive. The blockade was imposed to stop weapons reaching the hands of militants. Clearly it is not working. The upshot of the blockade is that weapons get through and moral calumny is heaped upon Israel for the appalling state of Gaza. One third of the population lives below the poverty line. The economy is slowing, finance from donors is drying up, unemployment is running at 34 per cent and a fiscal crisis threatens to scupper whatever chance of peace remains.
The first act of the new government after the Israeli election in January ought to be to mitigate the liquidity crisis in the Palestinian National Authority by seeking new donors. Money is coming into the region: $US450m from the Abu Dhabi Development Fund in 2009, $US50m from the Kuwaiti government in 2011 and the Qataris recently made a pledge - but not enough to avoid an austerity drive that is exactly what is not needed. But the worst aspect of Israeli economic policy is that, by closing down Gaza's exports to Israel and the West Bank, the blockade is destroying the emerging independent business class. This is, over time, a tragedy.
In his excellent recent book Forces of Fortune, Middle East scholar Vali Nasr argues the great battle for the soul of the region will not be fought over religion but over business and capitalism. He describes an upwardly mobile middle class of entrepreneurs and investors who have no interest in compromising their prosperity with ideological extremism.
If the economy fails, the sensible elements in Palestinian politics - Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayad, respectively the President and the Prime Minister of the PNA - are weakened. There is a danger that an opportunity is slipping by unnoticed. Economic progress could be the midwife of political progress.
But as well as being an identity question, this is also a knife-and-fork question. The Egyptian revolution was a howl of anguish about unemployment. The Tunisian revolution started with the complaint of a fruit-seller about food prices. The protests in Jordan are, at root, economic.
It would simplify too much to say that if prosperity is achieved then peace must come in its wake; but in the history of bad ideas it has to be better than Marmite. And I love Marmite.


Peace is a Palestine free to prosper

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THERE are moments when the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians appears so intractable t

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