Sunday, 25 November 2012

Rewrite meaning of Slush Funds

Gillard will now have to ask her socialist friends to reconfigure the illegal connotations of 'slush funds.'

The proletariat at Macquarie Dictionary were so helpfull with misogyny, the amelioration into twaddle of the terrorist word and no doubt the proletariat will similarly sequester the right wing implications about words needing to mean outside of Alice / through the looking glass realm.

This too will be purged or airbrushed  a la Kremlin mode.

It still would not have helped Gillard.

  • The Sunday Herald - Sun should have realized that their so - called 'exclusive' of Bruce Wilson is worse than alleged hearsay - and makes matters adverse for the PM.
  • I mean - how can anyone seriously claim what another person knows or otherwise?
  • And worse - that tangent does not address the material against her.
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