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ABC sets lower standard bar – page 1, 20/12/2012
AS Danny Kaye famously said in the 1958 film Me and the Colonel: – ‘’In life there are 2 possibilities’’ – so it is with the ABC’s complaint system.
  • They will ignore you.
  • They will insist they are ‘’balanced over time.’’
The former is outrageous – the latter is worse.
Taken to it’s elemental ABC – type conclusion – they can excuse / offset the worst anti Israel diatribe by claiming to offset it against neo – anything views suggesting even that Hitler did not kill enough of my brethren!
If you think my virulent antipathy is over the top – remember this is the mob that lacerated Israeli ‘aggression’ in the 1967 Six Day War – and offset it by showing a programme of Israel’s Jewish enemies.
Under the obscene aegis of ‘balance over time.’
This is the mob that – together with the PM and Labor ministers – dares compare sceptics with Nazis via their proudly reiterated
‘denier’ moniker!
I have on record too many aberrant derivations of their responses – when they deign to do so!
The Oz has commendably drawn attention to ABC multi – level getting away with it.
Sadly I have tried during the Howard years to get meaningful responses: I guess privatising the totalitarian rabble will fix them.
Lo – I long to see / contemplate Robyn Williams’ job application in the real world!
Remember the imbecilic 4 Corners programme: 4 corners global warming worse if it wasn't for global dimming
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