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Hello Michael Danby - I hear you are crossing the floor!

From: g87
Sent: Sunday, December 02, 2012 3:15 PM
Subject: Hello Michael Danby - I hear you are crossing the floor!

Hello Michael Danby

There are major rumours about you becoming that highly commended specie – the much – lauded Labor Rat.
After all – you cannot stay in a party dominated by self – confessed anti semites?
Look at how Mal Colston was lauded by Parliamentarians – there he is – right behind the Honourable Brian Harradine.
This is what true heroism was like as depicted by the great cartoonist Peter Nicholson in The Australian on 5/12/1998.
Almost 14 years ago to the day!
I have micro – examined those bearing the corpulent Labor rat Mal C in the background: they are all Labor people!
This is how generous the left are to “rats’’
Indeed the R moniker is the exact opposite of the real meaning: you guys are very good at it with Alice / Wonderland inversions of words – like the phrase ‘Economic Rationalism’’ / HR Nichols society based insult that ordinary people regard as a compliment. Oh – there are so many words, ideas to be ‘Orwelled’’
Why – you can even create new words!
So fear not my friend – you will surely be able to get the luddites to reconfigure / invert the ‘R’ word as well!
But you have to be careful: you must strike a deal with Tony Abbott as Minister for Reconfiguring Language.
You will have so much fun with Julia’s misogyny word, Greg Combet will have to accept ‘climate lunacy’ and Wayne Swan and Rudd will have to start writing rational essays for the Monthly – which Maurie Schwarcz will sell to the Conservatives in disgust.
Oh – and the ABC?
They will have to create strange new world of new labels: you will have a ball with Tony Jones crying in your lap.
Can you give me a sinecure as your personal assistant? I am not as attractive as Sylvia – but I will be able to ease your travels and travails in the new world of Abbott!
Or get me on the ABC gravy train?
The staff will love me as replacement for Mark Scott: I will help Mark with his biography: we are very close.
I understand that Mark will be appreciative – we have secretly been preparing for the day!
Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Gr
East St Kilda 3183

Ex The Australian 1/12/12":

'' Ministers believed Wolpe was providing "inordinate access" to the hardline pro-Israeli elements of the

Melbourne Jewish community who were having an undue influence on Gillard.''



 THE Left

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