Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Defence forces politicized

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Subject: Defence Chief SCANDAL

Defence Chief SCANDAL

A new scandal of this miserable government is the manifest Labor encouragement of the outrageous spin / poli - speak of Defence Chief David Hurley. Towing boats back not the solution, says Defence chief 19/12
Since when has it been acceptable for a servant of government to deliberately misconstrue Opposition Deputy Julia Bishop in an outrageous series of dot - points - which amazingly contain the admission that '' was the job of the defence forces to "do what the government of the day requires us to do".
Thank you General!
Who encouraged you to politicize the Defence Forces? This is a shameful rabble of a government. And if you acted on your own - that is manifestly pathetic!
Hurley is as guilty as Ken Henry was in suggesting that a 99% mining tax would not be a disincentive?
And Gillard rambles about the irrelevant Ashby matter!


Towing boats back not the solution, says Defence c...

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