Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Great Nicholson cartoon on Gillard's bum

Great Nicholson cartoon on Gillard's bum
  • Note Peter Nicholson's great cartoon of Gillard measuring her over - generous nether regions.
  • “You've got a big arse, Julia, just get on with it'' Greer has a germaine idea on ABC's Q & A 20/3/12
  • As Attorney General Nicola Roxon goes from blunder to mega  blunders in trying to stop criticism of her government. Nicola Roxon's discrimination laws draw flak from media.
  • Then note the headlines in The Oz about Chinese censorship and how they may ''reform'' labor [sic] camps. Hopes rise that new leader intends to reform Mao's hated labour camps. Or, Beijing ordered editorials denying censorship.
All in one day in your great journal.Jan. 9.
It is understood that mockery and parody will destroy this govermment before the Labor camps are instituted!

Or will I be hit with the new suite of misogyny laws?

Geoff Seidner

2013 (24)

  1. Germaine? You lost me at "big arse" ... Mamamia
    20 Mar 2012 – On Q&A Germaine Greer mocked the size of Julia Gillard's arse. ...that they are actually appalled at the idea of having a big bum or being fat.
    20 Mar 2012 – Has Germaine Greer delivered Prime Minister Julia Gillard an unkind boot in the backside? “You've got a big arse, Julia, just get on with it,” she ...
  3. Germaine Greer and the tale of the big bum « I Hate Dolphins
    20 Mar 2012 – IF the only thing Germaine Greer had to say about Julia Gillard was to do ... Pointing out that someone has a big bum isn't an insult unless you ...

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