Monday, 7 January 2013

Letter to Rupert Murdoch re THEOLOGICAL Blood libel against Jews

From: g87
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2013 8:44 AM
Subject: Letter to Rupert Murdoch re THEOLOGICAL  Blood libel against Jews

Dear Mr Murdoch
I have written to you before – and it plainly resulted in a personal response from The Australian’s Weekend Editor the esteemed Nick Cater.
The multiple links below will surely give you adequate context; and the readers of my blogs will similarly understand.
Thank you for previous intervention – and hope that you will ensure my plaintive voice is heard.
Note if you please my reason for once again writing you:

January (10)

The writer of the article C Pearson - should not have so stupidly misrepresented Jews.
And worse than that – the ignorant Jewish reader may convert to Christianity because after all – all ‘’men of goodwill acknowledge JC as the Messiah.’’
This is outrageous – and manifestly anti – semitic because Jews who plainly do not accept J – are thus manifestly depicted as being NOT being of ‘’good faith’’!
This is simply a blood libel – and if you do not  think this – I ADVISE THAT THIS IS NOT OVER THE TOP!!
Please ensure that this – or at least the earlier incantation is published: plainly stupid / lightweight articles by stupid twirps [HERZOG below] are more likely to be published in The Oz than my writings decrying blood crimes against my people!
Last post, January 7
IF Victoria is full of extreme left-wing socialists John Bain (Last post, 5/1), the last election must have been rigged by the extreme right wing for Ted Baillieu to have won.
Henry Herzog, St Kilda East, Vic

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Rupert Murdoch

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News Corporation

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8th Floor
NY, NY 10036
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Subject: Letter to Rupert Murdoch and The Australian
Please pass on to Mr Murdoch
Thanks GS

January (10)

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