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The New Nazis By

The New Nazis


The New Nazis

Never Again 2013:

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FPF· 14 hours ago
Sad and angry can really mix well after watching the video. "Live free or Die hard" is another thought after watching it.
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Mary Sue· 14 hours ago
Are those like, the Amish of Jews that those arabs are attacking?
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Flicker· 14 hours ago
I wish I had been there. Though I doubt they would have wanted my assistance.
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dartson· 12 hours ago
What really sad is that attacks like this one are not reported in the Israeli media as well. On the other hand, the single case of some Jewish teenagers starting a fight with some Arabs in Jerusalem got blown out of any proportions, leading to dozens of articles and TV reports, condemning the right wing "racism" (like the Trayvon Martin case in the USA). Still, if those orthodox guys in the video wore an IDF uniform instead of the middle-age Polish clothing and had guns, the outcome might have been a bit different.
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.... The New Nazis .... 


The "Old Nazis" were the New Islamists, whose sexually-deranged false prophet, Hitler but followed the old islamists sexually and in every other imaginable way, deranged false fuhrer, Muhummud.
Until the Arabs are kicked out along the lines set down by Rabbi Meir Kahane, this garbage will continue. And they should do something about Israel's very liberal and lawless judiciary/legal system where the attorney general seeks to indict Conservative politicians such as Avigdor Leiberman to frighten the rest of Israel's right to "keep in line," so to speak.
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Juan Motie· 9 hours ago
Too bad there was nobody aroung with a gun who could have sent those islamofascist pigs to visit the flames of hell.
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pierce· 9 hours ago
This video could have been shot right here in America, because that is where we are heading. 
Racism is rampant, and it will get worse. 
No longer will people stand up to those Islamothugs, they have intimidated us.
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TJC· 9 hours ago
Bring that crap my way you Islamofascist scumbags! Not everyone is so passive or scared or intimidated. These people are no better than animals...rabid animals. You cannot reason or bargain with them or deal with them or negotiate with them...all you can do is meet force with force. Every time the Israelis stand up to them they back off or run away...and cry to the international community about how "unfair" the Israelis are. The world needs to stand up to these animals and stop them. Otherwise, they will kill us all!
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SCREW SOCIALISM· 8 hours ago
The music in the video, composed by John Williams, performed by Yitzhak Perlman, from the movie Schindlers List, always brings tears to my eyes.
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Demetrius M· 8 hours ago
They laugh now, but their time is coming to an end. Hope they enjoy hell.
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Paul· 8 hours ago
Where are the Israeli police? Jews can't be Jews in Israel? What was the reason for Israel's creation?.I don't believe Israel has the stomach to do what has to be done to defend herself anymore.
Odd how the same sort of thing is happening in the US and the press is equally silent about it. They have adopted new terms for the miscreants in an effort to hide their true identity. They're called "youths", "teens" and anything BUT black. There is also not much emphasis on the fact that most of their victims have been white or businesses owned by non-blacks. So if the media in Israel are turning a blind eye to the most sacred observers of the faith being set upon by animals, what the he|| is going on? 
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PatD· 7 hours ago
Oh Yeah muslims are friendly and peaceful...wait for the numbers to get large enough in the US so they can do this to ALL ask for it you get it....sheeple to the rescue of religious tolerance. 
Now I would have pulled out the sweet little pistol with extended capacity and blown the muslims camel suckers back to alah…..
RE: "The New Nazis." 

The Nazis were technically fascists. 

Today's Fascist regime resides in the White House!
The world is going in the direction of this video because there is no longer a moral leader. The United States was once that leader, but now with a President who is a (half-black, half-white) Muslim sympathizer who hates the United States, who hates Jews, who hates individual freedom, this nation no longer provides moral leadership, and silently encourages and covers for such violence as in this video -- at home and abroad. 

The idiots who voted him into office AGAIN are just as much to blame.
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The video of two Jewish pacifists being assault by a gang of savages is sickening but not surprising. Unfortunately, pacifism or the appearance of weakness invites attack by predators. Street criminals and racists see pacifists and the weak as targets of opportunity and entertainment. To me "Never Again" means fight, never quit, never surrender, regardless of the odds. Self defense is the God given right of every human being. To present ones self as a defenseless target invites attack, humiliation and death. Regardless of its religious or philosophical basis, pacifism not justifiable.
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jacob· 7 hours ago
But if anyone among these Orthodox Jews would have taken upon himself to beat the living hell of this 
scum, rest assured the police would have been on him like ugly on ape and probably the Arab loving
Israeli High Court would have had him sentenced to life in prison....
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Sam· 7 hours ago
Pepper spray those idiots! They wouldn't act that way if they were afraid of getting hurt. They're not fit for a free society. No wonder why people want to be armed.
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Truth· 7 hours ago
OMG! White people are beaten and murdered in the streets, pulled from their cars at the Wisconsin State Fair and Jewish newspapers and reporters won't cover it because it "reinforces stereotypes" and here a couple of Jews get hassled by some stupid kids throwing snowballs and the producers compare it to the Holocau$t (as usual) along with violins in the background!
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Willy Rho· 7 hours ago
If Israel is nuked by the Muslims, I hope Israel nukes all 57 Muslim nations. The elimination of Islam from the face of the Earth would reduce Terrorism by 90%.
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Lady_Dr· 7 hours ago
It is very simple - the Arabs are nearly all thugs, the Orthodox Jews (especially in Jerusalem) are pacifist and thugs always attack those who are week. Agreed about athe Israeli High Court - I personally know the sister-in-law of one of them and he must be a very disfunctional person to have married into that family.
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Jozy· 6 hours ago
Sadly, this video reminds me of Europe, thanks to the multicultural Left who've allowed and encouraged Islamic immigration for decades. And good ole fashioned European anti-semitism.
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BS77· 6 hours ago
These Arabs act tough when they outnumber helpless victims...but by themselves they are cowards, and incapable of doing anything without being told what to do. As soon as they are attacked by a military force they run crying to the UN.

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