Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Scrap Councils too

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Subject: Scrap Councils too
Scrap Councils too

Bob Hawke should have also should have suggested scrapping the local derivative of the troika of governmental waste - Councils / Municipal government.

'Scrap states' to drive reform: Bob Hawke 1/1

What is so complex about collecting rubbish, providing library services and charging userous rates? Whilst Julia could not do it - Abbott could.

So many councils have become extreme left / green fanatics; no one has held them accountable for their policies that were responsible for making bushfires worse!

Oh; the States' ministries precisely duplicate Commonwealth portfolios. Amazing problems are caused by duplications explicit and not so obvious - like multiple police forces and much more.

Banning these pathetic inefficiencies will result in 60% reduction in taxes - and would not only solve Gillard's problems but would revolutionize the ostensible best stystem of government.

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