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Oh Nova – already in trouble!

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Oh Nova – already in trouble!
Nova Peris admits she is of the extreme left – AKA the Labor party.
So she vitiates the only policy the Rudd / Gillard government did the right thing on in supporting the Howard government policy on ‘intervention’ to try to save babies being raped by drunken elders and the mother being too drunk to notice!
Oh – and – maybe Nova does not know what was also graphically described by a Magistrate about the simultaneous raping / drowning of a toddler on the commendable ABC TV Lateline on 15/5/2006?
All alcohol based unspeakable obscenities!
The raison d’etre for the intervention
The extreme left get everything wrong – someone should tell the incipient candidate she has done a ‘Meninga’.
Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Gr
East St Kilda 3183

Political career

Meninga briefly campaigned as an Independent for a seat in the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly during the Territory's 2001 general election, informally aligned with the socially conservative, pro-life grouping of Paul Osborne, MLA for Brindabella.[7][8] On Monday, 24 September 2001, just after he declared his candidacy for the electorate of Molonglo,[9] he pulled out mid-sentence, stating, "And the thing about that is, I guess, I was a public figure and I was put on the podium where I was just a person out there ... I'm buggered, I'm sorry, I have to resign."[10]
Subsequently, this incident led to the satirical Chaser team instituting the 'Mal Award' for their election television shows, presented to politicians "for the greatest act of political suicide during an election campaign".[11] In an episode, which aired on 28 November 2007, Meninga satirized himself when he was brought in to present the award but "gave up" mid-speech.[citation needed]
NANETTE ROGERS: That happened several years ago. A number of children aged about four, five, six and eight, or something like that, were playing in a water hole, maybe a kilometre or more from the community. They were swimming or paddling and he had followed them, going from tree to tree as they walked down to the water hole. While she was playing in the water, he pulled her under and anally penetrated her and drowned her, probably simultaneously. And the matter proceeded to - first of all, there was a committal hearing before a magistrate and the children gave very graphic evidence. Heart-wrenching evidence.TONY JONES: What was their evidence?NANETTE ROGERS: Well, their evidence was that they saw him pulling her in the water. They saw bubbles coming up. They tried to throw rocks at him in an effort to get him to desist. And then they ran back to the community to alert, you know, the grandparents.
NANETTE ROGERS: Yes, I do. I feel very strongly that everybody needs to know about it.

TONY JONES: Can we talk in detail about some of the cases. One of them in 2004. They're all shocking, in fact. But one of them in 2004 was the case of a two-year-old child who was raped. Can you explain the circumstances?

NANETTE ROGERS: Yes, the two-year-old was playing outside with some other children. Her mother was away from the house, drunk in a small town. The offender woke up, took the small child, carried it out bush, had the child out bush for some hours. Undressed the child and inserted, simultaneously, two fingers in her vagina and two fingers in her anus and moved his fingers up and down a number of times causing injuries. He then - I'm sorry, he had his trousers off while this was happening. Then he placed the child on his lap and had his penis next to the child's vagina and tried to masturbate and so on. And eventually returned the child back to his father's camp. He was carrying the child with its legs on the side. The child was crying throughout the assault. The child was still crying and bleeding. He handed the child to his drunken father. He himself had been drinking. The father then took the child back to the area that the child had been removed from and when the mother returned from town, where she'd been drinking, the child was crying and the other children indicated that the offender had taken her away some time before and it was then that the bleeding and so on was noticed in her nappy.

TONY JONES: In this case, the offender was drunk, the father of the offender was drunk and the mother of the child who was raped was also drunk.


TONY JONES: How did that play across the events?

NANETTE JONES: Well, one of the things, of course, is that there's an issue about why was the two-year-old girl left unaccompanied without some kind of supervisory aspect there with the mother being away in town drinking, because it meant then that the offender had an ease of access to that small two-year-old and was able, basically, to do with her what he wanted.

TONY JONES: Let's go to another case. In 2003 there was perhaps even a worse case. It involved a much younger baby - seven-months-old. Can you tell us about that?

NANETTE ROGERS: That was in a remote community. The child or the baby was asleep with other adults in a room in the house. The offender came along and removed the sleeping baby and was in the process of taking it outside the house. One of the adult women woke up and took the baby back and put it back into bed with her and they went back to sleep. Unbeknownst to the sleeping adults, he came back again and removed the child. A man in the house was - saw someone on the verandah at some point, he went out, and he found the offender with this baby and the baby was naked from the waist down. He didn't know anything untoward had happened. He persuaded the man to relinquish the baby because it was cold and all the rest of it. So the offender relinquished the baby after some talking and the man then put it back inside and they went to sleep. In the morning, the mother of the baby - she'd been drinking, she was still drunk - she came back to the house. She changed the clothes of the baby. There was blood on the clothing. The mother then went - left the house.

TONY JONES: She didn't notice? Is the evidence, in fact, that she was too drunk to realise what had happened to her own baby?

NANETTE ROGERS: That's one way of looking at it. The...when the mother left the house, one of the other adult women went and got the child, changed the baby's nappy, noticed the blood and so on and that baby, the seven-month-old baby and the two-year-old both required surgery for external and internal injuries under general anaesthetic.

TONY JONES: There are other cases. One of them is almost too depraved to talk about, but one feels you have to, in a way, get these things out in the open. But this is of an 18-year-old petrol sniffer who actually drowns a young girl while he's raping her?

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