Tuesday, 31 December 2013

GS re bds this morning - Derision is the handmaiden of contempt!

From: g87
Sent: Tuesday, December 31, 2013 7:51 AM
Subject: Derision is the handmaiden of contempt!

Derision is the
 handmaiden of

We should all thank Stuart Rees of Sydney University Letters 31/1 for so openly indicating that Shurat HaDin is getting under his thick skin!
He now becomes the best vindicator for my new phrase: Derision is the handmaiden of contempt.
The boycoteers have being so contemptuous of history, so careless with truth, so laissez – faire with claims against democratic Israel that plainly nothing but derision and contempt for their twisted derivations will move them.
Oh - and the law:
The sheer fear of losing in open court will also do it.
Strength to your slingshot, Shurat HaDin!
Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Gr
East St Kilda
03 9 525 9299

Derision is the handmaiden of contempt!
YOU should be thanked for telling readers about the derision used by the lawyer representing the Israeli law centre Shurat HaDin in their legal action against my Sydney University colleague Jake Lynch who is supported by more than 4000 signed-up co-defendants from 60 countries.
Shurat HaDin's action is a hysterical, albeit planned, response to the increasingly successful worldwide boycott of staff from academic institutions that assist in the occupation of Palestinian lands and thereby run roughshod over international human rights laws.
Without adherence to such laws, there can be no civility, no justice for Palestinians or for their supporters within Israel.
Stuart Rees, Sydney University, NSW

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