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TO ABC: Dear Sirs or Mesdames or Ms derivatives,

From: g87
Sent: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 4:53 PM
Subject: Re: ABC completely lacking in the barest elements of honesty or style

Management ABC – and MR Scott
Dear Sirs or Mesdames or Ms derivatives,
I have in the past had responses from ABC Headquarters sometimes lamenting my language as ‘’offensive’’ and / or unclear in the context of what remedy is requested.
That is when you guys have deigned to bother to reply.
The best that I could expect is classical wilful blindness!
Kindly take note that your Managing Director has in effect been protected via these various ruses, guises and tools that you use for fending off critics of your lamentable publically funded, inured / immune from criticism organization.
I put to you that you people have daily deliberately multiple - distorted the news and put your own deliberately skewed view / opinion of the world for the public to disseminate. Just how did you expect to keep on doing this without being held to account?
I of course write to inform you that this behaviour egregious is going to stop. You people – the left of politics and ABC in particular are clearly responsible for a situation whereby the terms of abuse one uses to describe what pathetic things you do are the minimalist / acceptable language. Therefore do not even dream of incorporating this in the excuses you proffer.
So the ‘pretext of gentility’ excuse is contemptuously held as impeached tripe. Worse – much worse, with your pathetic modus vivendi you have effectively contributed to the lowering of basic standards in that you have tested the people who no longer consider various words unacceptable.
Well may you be ashamed that idiotic, imbecilic, inane, insane, mendacious, chimera and more, are acceptable in media mainstream.
I hope that you do not intend to continue to make what are now  obscenities into having gravitas in common parlance. I will write to your favourite dictionary and ask Sue Butler to vitiate any such misogyny – type words       http://socialistdystopia.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/open-letter-to-susan-buttler-and-pm.html
I will henceforth ensure that my emails to you and your responses will be promulgated as widely as possible on my blog – as will your responses which will be similarly posted on said blog.
NB Indeed this email will be similarly posted on my blog within seconds.
Yours Sincerely
Geoff Seidner
From: g87
Sent: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 2:13 PM
Subject: ABC completely lacking in the barest elements of honesty or style

Manager ABC

Dear Mr Scott

It is about time you responded to the multiple disasters under your wing: please do so.
Or do you consider yourself immune?

Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Grove
East St Kilda 3183
03 9 525 9299


ABC completely lacking in the barest  elements of honesty or style

It takes chutzpah of magnitude for ABC management  to so plainly assume that the deliberate distortions they shamelessly, glibly create almost daily will not rebound on them. Eventually.

Surely they assume the more frauds they promulgate the more difficult to pin any / all on them.

The luvvies practice the modern version of the snow job - just like the lamentable administrations of Rudd - Gillard - Rudd and the frauds of Obama , the UN and European leftists. In another era Obama would have been impeached. 'Europe' has always been thus.

But I digressed only to dynamically imply that the left are the same the world over: they care not for the barest elements of style / truthfulness. Indeed see what google turns up in this tangent of post - modernism, which I pin on the left: only they could believe the outrage that there is no such thing as truth. Never mind the mind - numbing idiocy of it all.


None of this is debatable: sadly one needs to set out to write a telephone - directory - style book. Indeed this is part of the snow - job technique. I have written on this extensively, as on their other mendacious media techniques.

From the sheer idiocies of the Cholesterol scam a la their Catalyst [science programme] to the multiple manipulations expounded in the pages of The Australian, one finds them lacking redeemable features.

They are shameless in setting out to create or debunk news via their acolytes whom they interview ad nauseam: anyone seriously doubt the evidence? Or doubt the humiliations when Emma Alberichi caught out via the interviewee turning on them? So often it reaches the farcical stage one wonders why they try it at all.

The more links I append the less likely the curious reader will absorb. This also is an examplar of how impressive the SJ [snow job] technique is.

But for the sake of curiosity let us merely examine what the loonies attempted today to pass - off as fair commentary.

The ABC's so - called Fact Check unit deliberately distorts statistics.

08:09:00 10/12/2013

Fact Check shows Govt not disclosing full story on boat arrival

I ask management to respond: I will send them this article and they will surely plead Nolo Contenderer to all here.

Here are my points of contention to the pathetic propaganda - based chimera of ABC AM this morning [10/12] [check up that chimera word! It perfectly describes it all]

Contemplate that Rudd - Gillard - Rudd created at least a 10,000%+ real - world increase in the illegal boats / people problem. Labor created this border security issue of  well over 50,000 people now in suspended animation and costing BILLIONS. How about the  well -  over 1000 deaths that are plainly directly attributable to Rudd et al? But the left never apologizes.

Amazingly Rudd almost managed to admit this in the recent election campaign. Not exactly - but he and the left  know the reality of numbers when there is nowhere else to go. Even a stopped watch is right twice a day....

In any context one could reasonably expect the ABC to stay stum. http://phonetic-blog.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/keeping-schtum.html
But no: they hoist this inane, numerically insane insipid and idiotic derivation of the worst of push - polling on listeners.

Let it be understood that Rudd and earlier Gillard [East Timor et al] changed Labor policy merely after they both came to the realization that the electorate was aghast at their astonishing multiple ineptitudes re our border security [and everything else, surely]
This was surely forced on them - and thank goodness it never came to pass.
Note the credible, rational idea that they would have reverted to old policies if they had somehow won the election cannot be tested.

One could however contemplate on the audacious outrage of purporting to solve this problem on the eve of the election - and the obvious fact that their creation of decrepitude will take years for Abbott / Morrison Julie Bishop et al  years to solve. It is easily / merely the third - largest major financial catastrophe of this Labored mob.

The sheer humbug of not accepting this is mind - numbing. 
And this is what happened this morning on ABC AM!


The ABC fraudulently takes one to July in order to ensure they have statistics that can be abused.

I can come up with many reasons why the number of boats and illegal people therein were slowing in July.

  1. All of the above: the electorate does not have to think things through - but Rudd's technique also worked in a more pragmatic way with the people smugglers and their incipient 'cargo.'
  2. Surely also impinging on the decision of people to not undertake a very expensive dangerous journey is the certainty that there are only two possibilities: Labour will loose and the Liberals will win. Humour attempted.
  3. Indeed - there are three: Australia would be bankrupted if there was a continuum / and Labor won. And even those economically - irrational would have to cease the open - door policy. And herein the was a troika of major reasons why the boat arrivals diminished in the dying days of the leftist lunatics. The salad days were over. it was perceived that way where it counted. And that was the real yet easy - to - understand reason the ABC failed to understand.
But here again reality forces a reconciliation: they undertood alright: it is merely their secretly held belief that distortions in the name of the poroletariat is acceptable: that it is OK to lie!
Never mind post - modernism or whatever.

But there is more!
The ABC to did not explore the Rudd manifesto or their own Push - Polling as above.
Indeed K07's best polling was just after he announced that he was a ''social conservative'' which was just before his 8000 word mutually - exclusive Marxist manifesto in The Monthly.
The electorate does not view these opposing ideas as a problem: it requires intelligence, memory, analytical skills. None of this comes naturally to the 47% plus of ABC people and the left who regularly vote for the Trotskyites.

No matter how desultory they may feel about Gillard's vacuus femininist utopia or Rudd's radicalism.

They lack the barest elements of style;  their own in - house fact checkers are infected with the ABC virus.

They will always be this way: maybe the call by the world's ultimate hypocrits - the 'New' Labor Party in complaining about alleged profligacy by the Abbott government - will not mind judicious cuts to the moneys being wasted on them?

Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Grove
East St Kilda 3183
03 9 525 9299

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08:09:00 10/12/2013

Fact Check shows Govt not disclosing full story on boat arrivals

The ABC's Fact Check unit has obtained figures which show that the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison's claims about boat arrivals don't tell the full story. Mr Morrison claims that there's been an 80 per cent reduction in boat arrivals since the Coalition Government's Sovereign Borders policy came into effect. MORE

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