Tuesday, 24 December 2013

J'ACCUSE Mark Dreyfus of weakness

From: g87
Sent: Tuesday, December 24, 2013 1:38 PM
Subject: J'ACCUSE Mark Dreyfus of weakness

Dear Former Attorney General Mark Dreyfus
I was going to ask you earlier this year how you could so dishonour yours / mine grandparents memory by referring to climate sceptics as DENIERS: as in HOLOCAUST DENIERS!
You Labored guys were asked to deny the obscene denier moniker the Labor Party glibly and obscenely append:  never done, Mr Dreyfus.
Now I find you using the word ‘’ham – fisted’’ – surely you should not so abuse and invert  Kashrut laws?
But far more serious is your similar to Wayne Swan’s ignorant misuse of other words: ‘’...Blatant political agenda.’’
See my essay on Wayne Swan  et al -  below links
And the product of  a google search of some of my Holocaust efforts!!!
Let me teach you about politics, Mr Dreyfus.
  1. WHEN WE CHANGE GOVERNMENT – WE CHANGE THE COUNTRY! A cliche, non?  But  indubitably correct.
  2. We no longer have the internecine anti – Israel rantings of BOB Carr: where were you – J’ACCUSE DREYFUS when Michael Danby at least tried to vitiate Carr’s evil decrees?
  3. Furthermore Mark Dreyfus – we readily accept per 1 above that the esteemed Attorney General will govern HIS way – with no considerations – BLATANT OR OTHERWISE TO THE LEFTIST LUNATICS THAT YOUR GOVERNMENT MEMBERS  WERE! Plainly you should be ane of the adults of the opposition and at least understand as a former AG that blatant is a non – sequiteur!
  4. It seems gratuituous and unnecessary to give examples – you must appreciate that there must be near one thousand didactic / discrete incompetencies of magnitutes massive that YOU were part of over 6 leaden years.
  5. So understand Mark: the blatant word will be inept in any real world understanding of politics.
I look forward to your apology to your and mine people.
You missed the opportunity in Hotham St during the Lag B’omer parade earlier this year,
There you were lauded by the wonderful Yeshivah community.
I should have merely asked you this question above there. You can respond on my blog if you dare.
Indeed, I should have asked you – why did I not?
J’ACCUSE myself of being to ‘nice’
Geoff Seidner


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